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Airfleet Insurance Tips

From a commercial airliner to a single piston aircraft, or even a student pilot learning to fly an airplane they don 't own, purchasing aviation insurance is a critical expense. Although most people hope to never need insurance on their aircraft, it is a vital expense in the event something happens to you, your aircraft, a passenger or the airport. At Airfleet Capital, we understand airfleet insurance for we have partners in the aviation industry and are global leaders in aircraft financing and aircraft loans. More importantly, we are pilots ourselves who have made this important investment. Here are some tips that will ensure you get the best rate and coverage for your aviation insurance needs.

Find the right aircraft insurance agent

Aircraft insurance is similar to the insurance you might have on your car or house. The biggest difference, aviation insurance requires much less computer assessment of risk and more human underwriting. Therefore, it is important to have an agent who will exhaust all options to get you the lowest rate for your aircraft insurance. Some combinations of pilot and aircraft may not be insurable by some companies. However, the need of an aviation insurance agent with a "can do" attitude who will exhaust every possible option. Quotes are free and the need for an aviation broker who will explore quotes with different aircraft insurance companies is essential in acquiring the best insurance rate.

Know your risk

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