Case Analysis : Investment Management Essay

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C1.Target Market:
LifePath Wealth Management, LLC has identified two distinct target markets. First are aging baby boomer advisors in Maricopa County, AZ over the age of 60 years old that lack a formal succession plan for their businesses. These advisors are categorized into mature lifestyle practices with an existing client-base that are underserved in the scope of services currently provided and do not focus on providing comprehensive wealth management solutions for these clients and the next generation consisting of future heirs. The underserved client-base of these advisors serve as the second target market in that the advisors at these firms lack the time and energy to reinvent their firms and embrace new technology and solutions to scale and grow efficiently. These two groups of target customers are distinguished by their business makeup and client-base dynamics. The financial services industry has many different niches. Some advisors provide general investment management services creating a single value proposition dependent on outperforming the markets. Others will only offer one type of investment vehicle, maybe just mutual funds or they might concentrate on bonds. Others will concentrate on a specific niche like insurance sales or retirement plans.
● Advisor Firm Level Target Market: Advisors over 60 yrs old, average industry experience is 25 plus years, not looking to change at the tail end of their business life cycle, lack time and energy to reinvent, starting

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