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Lim “IT” Less Portfolio Project Lim “IT” Less will attract, develop, and maintain a work environment that is industry leading in IT solutions for the wireless industry. This will be accomplished through a highly qualified, diverse workforce that operates with honesty and integrity. This will allow us to build a framework that will provide a sustained competitive advantage by “structuring our organizations resources and capabilities to meet four empirical criteria (1) valuable, (2) rare, (3) difficult to imitate, and (4) not easily substituted” (Morris, Heames, & McMillan, 2011, p. 272). Being able to transition the Human Resource function is extremely challenge, but necessary if we want to reach our goals as an IT company in the wireless industry. The first challenge that we face is to truly understanding the problems the human resource function is causing as it is currently configured. The second challenge is to align the human resource function with the goals set forth by the corporation. The third challenge is to consider the analysis of the problems with the human resource function and the goals of the organization and determine the strategic contributions that are going to be the most impactful. In order to be successful in overcoming these challenges our team has to implement human resource delivery metrics that streamline with both the human resource and company goals. We must determine key performance metrics that will indicate our success and consistently and

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