Case Analysis : Joe Smith

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Joe Smith, CEO for UWEAR and PALEDENIM and Bill Bateman, CEO for Peninsula Hotel sparked up a on and off the job friendship. Both Joe and Bill met each other earlier to develop a contract between UWEAR and Peninsula Hotel to design uniforms for Peninsula Hotel that is ran by Bill Bateman. During the course of developing the contract Joe and Bill have molded a friendship and in time they started to go to quite a few unrelated events and getaways with their families to relax. By doing things together certainly didn’t put a strain on the friendship on or off the job, but they now have a contract on the line and it needs to be given due consideration. Now Joe will have to give thought on what the ethical results will be of Bill’s recommendation of a getaway with the families and see if it could possibly damage the business in any way or interrupt the existing contract proceedings. In the meantime Joe and Bill has established a friendship as soon as they signed the first contract and they made sure business came before pleasure. In all of this I don’t believe that their friendship and going on getaways will hurt the contract proceedings. In all this Joe will not shriek his job duties and will always keep up with what has to be done. By accepting the trip on the yacht with Bill should not interfere or harm the business in any way. Joe ought to politely accept Bill’s invitation. When it comes to the ethical theory to support how Joe responded to the
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