Case Analysis: John Mackey, Whole Foods Market Essay examples

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Eric Smith
Christine Hill
Organizational behavior
January 24, 2013

Case Analysis: John Mackey, Whole Foods Market

1. What role, if any, does McGregor’s Theory Y play at Whole Foods? Explain. According to Kreitner and Kinicki (2013) McGregor contrasted two views on human nature by insisting that Theory Y assumes that people are more positive at work, and believed managers could accomplish more by viewing employees as such (p.9). The other outdated theory, is Theory X, which is a more negative and pessimistic assumption about workers. Given the statements from John Mackey, it is his vision to create a positive working environment and Theory Y plays somewhat of a role at Whole Foods. Although Whole Foods wants to
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There could be different situations that call for a different approach or management technique. Through conscious leadership, as Mackey suggests, managers at Whole Foods become aware of their knowledge and skills, and are able to be flexible in approaching various problems at the organization. Given the 21st century table in our text we can clearly see the differences of today’s managers in comparison with yesterday’s management styles. The 21st century manager is a more positive approach to dealing effectively with employees. In the past when the capitalist society and its capitalist factories and organizations were flourishing, the employees were pushed to their limits. Unions were subsequently formed to deter any potential wrongdoings and unfair labor practices. Today there are some unions, but are they necessary? Whole Foods Markets attempts to discourage employees from forming unions. Susan Mohammad notes that Mackey once compared unions to herpes, saying "once you have them, you can never get rid of them,"(Canadian Business 2009 p. 63). Mackey believes this because at Whole Foods they have implemented programs and pay scales that are already ideal for its employees. Whole Foods also has very strategic plans to promote its organic food lines. The 21st century manager is still about the profits. And some might say that even though Mackey and Whole Foods are good at managing people they are
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