Case Analysis - Leading the Josie Esquivel Franchise Essay

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The main issue of this case is whether Josie Esquivel should stay at Lehman Brothers or accept Morgan Stanley’s job offer. There are three possible alternatives to solve this problem, which are (1) stay at Lehman Brothers; (2) accept Morgan Stanley’s offer; (3) Leave Lehman Brothers and find and another job but not to accept the offer of Morgan Stanley. Following are feasibility analysis of each alternative. Stay at Lehman Brothers Strengths: • Esquivel can continue to build her franchise • Lehman’s research department was ranked number one on the Institutional Investor’s All-America Research Team • Fred Fraenkel was in charge of Lehman’s research department, which means Esquivel can work comfortably with her colleague. Also, she was…show more content…
Many individual personality cannot get absorbed into its culture • Esquivel could never get the privileges at Morgan Stanley that she had received form Lehman • Needed to develop relationship with colleagues to be successful • It might take time to take Esquivel’s franchise to new highs • Esquivel might cannot be entirely herself The feasibility of this alternative is more possible. But First Esquivel needs to figure out whether she is able to work independently and use her creative talents. Morgan Stanley can give Esquivel more challenges and take her franchise to new highs once she fits in its culture. I think fitting in its culture doesn’t mean that she has to give up a part of herself. Morgan Stanley did not have and analysts covering textiles and apparel. I think this is an opportunity for her to create her own culture in Morgan Stanley. But it might take a long time to achieve. Leave Lehman Brothers and find and another job Strengths: • Esquivel can have a better career and

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