Case Analysis: Maitland Motors

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Therefore, for once Bruce could say no to some requests and observe how Chuck reacts to it. Bruce could look at the situation from a financial perspective and pick the favor that would provide the most benefit with the least cost. Although the action will still be deemed unethical, it had the potential of serving as a deterrent to Chuck from attaching favors with future deals. On the other hand, Bruce’s decision to pick and choose favors could result in diminishing the business relationship between Maitland Motors and Wisconsin-National, Inc. Alternative 3: As stated in the third alternative, Bruce could deny any kind of favor associated with business contracts. This would reflect his awareness of business ethics and prevent Chuck and his associates from making further requests. This alternative could have two probable reactions. The first reaction could have Chuck severing all ties with Maitland Motors, resulting in a substantial decrease in profit for the dealer. The second option could be that Chuck will continue doing business with Bruce without any thought of personal gain. From a realistic standpoint the first option was most probable in this case. 4. Making Recommendations Considering the unethical business dealings between Maitland Motors and Wisconsin-National, Inc., the recommended solution would favor the third alternative. This decision had a high risk of losing

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