Case Analysis : Mayflower Construction

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Abstract. Mayflower Construction is a design remodeler and renovator, located in Northern Virginia, with its main office located in Tysons Corner, VA. With correct market segmentation and accurate positioning new technological way of doing business prove to win over old school remodeling contractors. The keys to success will be to provide a reasonably priced job that exceeds customer 's objective expectations, that is to provide right product to the right client at the right price in a timely manner. Objective is used as a modifier as the remodeler’s business is not known for outstanding customer service. Executive Summary Mayflower Construction is a small, independently owned design-remodeling company founded in 2007. Company…show more content…
Although around 30 companies, which are considered to be areas top remodelers will provide the most competition. This list includes two types of remodelers: design/build firms, which have both contractors and architects on staff, and general contractors, who usually work with independent architect and handle the construction portion of the project. Most of the firms perform a range of work, including renovations, additions, and new construction. Competitive battles can take the form of price wars, advertising campaigns, expanded service offerings—all of which reduce our profitability. The intensity of competition tends to increase when a number of well-balanced competitors, a slow rate of industry growth, high fixed costs, or a lack of differentiation between products characterize an industry. Another factor increasing the intensity of competition is high exit barriers—including specialized assets, emotional ties, government or social restrictions, strategic inter-relationships with other business units, labor agreements —which make competitors stay and fight even when they find the industry unprofitable. Although, it is expected to experience some level of reaction from changing the mix, it is unlikely to produce meaningful effect on Mayflower, because competitors that present on the market are well established and positioned. It is unlikely to expect any response from their sides during first years.
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