Case Analysis : Mckenna Gagner

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McKenna Gagner Presenting Problem McKenna Gagner is experiencing problems involving her loved ones. She is constantly feeling overwhelmed and under appreciated by the people she loves the most. But along with that, is struggling with the aspect of time-management. Because of this, she has mentioned it has led to poor physical and mental health, high-stress levels, relationship conflicts, low self-confidence, and loss of time for activities she enjoys the most. Identifying Information McKenna Gagner is a 20-year-old Non-Hispanic white female who is currently a junior student at the University of Montana. She is a studying Social Work and is expected to graduate in the spring of 2018. She is a transfer student from Pierce College in…show more content…
She takes mostly over the counter medications on a “when needed” basis. McKenna did mention she does struggle with self-care as she is always putting other’s feelings and needs before her own. This has caused her to procrastinate on assignments and everyday activities. Along with that, because she does always put others first, she struggles with taking care of her body, mentally and physically. She did comment that she tries to leave at least one day out of the week to hang out with her friends as this brings her extreme happiness. Psychological McKenna would consider herself to be very intelligent. She, however, did mention that she constantly compares herself to her siblings. She indicated a sense of bitterness towards them because she feels as if they have never had to work hard to get good grades and have always been athletically gifted. She points out this has caused high stress and tension in her everyday life and family dynamics. She described herself as “having a very bubbly personality that always looks for the best in people.” She described herself as an extrovert and social butterfly. Her boyfriend often calls her a “wanderer”, because she has no problem wandering away from any situation to make new friends and talk to random people. McKenna stated how she always likes to have fun but would consider herself to be "people pleaser"

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