Case Analysis : Megan 's Law

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Case Study 7.11 Megan’s Law Ethical Problem Definition When prisoners who committed violent or sexual crimes are let out of prison there must be a decision made as to whether the prisoners’ status should be disclosed to the community or not (Rothman, 2011). The social worker in this case has an ethical responsibility to the clients’ well-being as well as to as to the welfare of society. The social worker needs to make a decision that will have the least amount of harm caused to the individual and society. The dilemma in this case study is Commitment to Client versus Ethical Responsibility to Broader Society. Gathering Information Research from Wagner (2011) supports Commitment to Client by discussing housing restrictions sexual offenders face, which can often cause homelessness. They tend to have to live in economically underprivileged neighborhoods, which can put families at a higher risk. It is very problematic for sex-offenders to be able to find and keep jobs. Noted as well, sex offenders are frequently subject to public humiliation by certain laws. Last from the article, a national survey was discussed that was taken from mental health professionals who work with sex offenders that suggested most overall felt it had no effect or it caused society to be less safe (Wagner, 2011). Data that reinforces support for Ethical Responsibility to Broader Society would be from Lasher and McGraph (2012) explaining that most Americans favor the notification laws for child
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