Case Analysis: Merrymen Band

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Q1- List and explain the key issues that must be addressed.
The unruly ways of the Merrymen band were an issue due to the continuous growth of the band and their lack of resources, however the sheriff was much more equipped and had a greater capacity to organize defense and offensive attacks which he was currently doing to the band. Also, the size of the band, compared to the amount of food available, the food capacity was becoming less and less so therefore the band had yet to establish a viable food source in order for the band to have a continuous supply of food, which had begun to diminish due to the capacity of the band
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Strengths: The growing size of the band is a good thing for Robin as the saying goes “there is strength in numbers” would be suitable here. With a numerous number of allies, uncontended men with a deep sense of justice, Robin had the loyalty and support of the people. A disciplined band, together as one to remove the sheriff, and willing to live against the law. The organization of the band was much more sophisticated than one would probably expect, also there were many lieutenants appointed for different jobs. Although the band was organized in a sophisticated manner it was however very simple in nature.
Disharmony among the members of the bands concerning taxes as, Robin was in favor but his lieutenants weren’t. As mentioned previously Robin was invited to join the conspiracy in helping King Richard be released from jail in return for future amnesty. It was a dangerous proposition. Provincial banditry was one thing, court intrigue another. Lack of food due to the increasing number of band members could hurt the morale of the people. Division had begun to set in due to the issue of the tax, which Robin was in favor of, but his top officials were not. I would be for the tax, it is a good way to ensure that there would be enough money to sustain the people, also I would advise to utilize the power of money there was a politician that once said “that the only ideas that make it into bills and make a difference
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The virtue of their toil- Utilize the band member’s talents whether it be of cooking gardening, blacksmithing, fighting, entertaining, each member should work their talents to the best of their abilities, this would increase productivity and morale. Also, having a entrepreneurial spirit to be a go getter and not always having to be told to do a task if one knows to do that particular task. Reliability- (a) - Does the band follow directions of Robin and lieutenants? (b) - Does the band have bad attendance or discipline? These are the two primary questions in it. But the management of the band was much organized and there were many lieutenants appointed for different jobs. Ambition - Is the band self-reliant, do they take charge without having to be told to, and brainstorm to solve and diffuse any problems that arise? Does the band practice what they preach in other words are the members of the band a living testament of their own mission statement? In this case, Robin was trying to implement taxes, to eradicate the problems raised due to increasing of the band this move was ambitious and logical, but it takes keen foresight to see the necessity of such a

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