Case Analysis : Michael Brown

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Michael Brown, a young African-American male who with his associate had just robbed a convenience store of some cigarillos, encounter Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson police department. Officer Wilson tells Mr. Brown and his associate to move to the sidewalk and he sees that Mr. Brown fits the description of a suspect in a convenience store theft. Then Officer Wilson proceeds to make a call to dispatch regarding both men, he puts his vehicle in a position to block both men as well as traffic. An altercation ensued hereafter between Officer Wilson and Mr. Brown because Mr. Brown tried to reach for Mr. Wilson’s firearm. During the altercation two shots are fired by Officer Wilson, one bullet grazes Mr. Brown’s thumb and the other misses. Mr. Brown then runs away from the vehicle; Officer Wilson follows in pursuit of Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown then stops and turns around and runs towards Officer Wilson, at this point Officer Wilson stops as well and fires several shots at Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown is killed from the gunshot injuries.
In this case, the police Officer followed police procedure properly and probably saved his life. Officer Wilson had probable cause to stop and question Mr. Brown based on the fact that Mr. Brown matched the description of a suspect in a convenience store robbery from earlier in the day. Mr. Brown also attempted to retrieve Officer Wilson’s gun and this was the beginning of the altercation. After two shots were fired by Officer Wilson during the
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