Case Analysis: Mobile Marketing at Adidas

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Case Analysis

Mobile Marketing at adidas

March 15, 2010


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1. What is adidas’ position in the athletic shoe market? How does the brand seem to be doing in this market? Position: the position of adidas has transferred from “leading supplier of soccer footwear worldwide” to “leading sport brand”. Adidas was founded in Germany in 1920. In 1995, it became a public company as well as the leading supplier of soccer footwear due to its great performance of footwear sales. In 1998, adidas began to move into the U.S. market. Adidas doubled its U.S. market share within only one year, so it hoped to continue to make big move in following years. In its way to U.S. market, adidas confront with the
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Evidence four - Coca-Cola’s success

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“The Global Media Group viewed Coca-Cola’s Flaschenpost campaign in Europe as an example of the potential of mobile marketing”. Customers can receive unique codes imprinted on the Coca-Cola boxes, cans and bottles when they buy the products, and then they use the codes to download free mobile content. As a direct result of this campaign, “more than six million free wallpapers and ringtones were downloaded to mobile phones”.


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3. What is the Brand in the Hand concept? What does this mean to adidas and its branding efforts? It is one way to do the marketing communications. It means that company and product information can be easily delivered to people in their hands whenever and wherever possible. The media can be mobile devices, video games and the Internet. In such a way, brand awareness can be raised faster than traditional marketing communications. In the past, advertising and branding models were based primarily on 30-second commercials and magazine ads. Adidas traditionally advertised on TV and magazines as well as at sporting events and sponsor sports teams and players. But these events attract few new customers. On the other hand, increased advertisements intruding in the people’s lives made them hostile to ads and therefore more difficult for adidas to make effective advertising through the traditional way. Without moving

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