Case Analysis : Mr Frank Salo

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Mr Frank Salo, RN, is a perioperative nurse who assumes the position of Flow Core Coordinator of the Operating Room unit. Over the past several years, Mr Salo has demonstrated continued leadership in Perioperative Nursing practice. His contributions to this area of practice have positively influenced client care at the nursing service and across the local medical center. He has greatly influenced the implementation of a comprehensive UDI tracking system on implants handling program for the local medical center that has broad implications and outcomes for patient care and safety. Goals for this rating period: (1) Ensure 100% completion of OR staff competency checklist – met; (2) Revise and systematize special implant tracking…show more content…
Nurse Salo’s performance in this area of providing programmatic leadership has been exemplary. He is consistently sought out as a resource and leader, by members of the interdisciplinary team, regarding ethical dilemmas, particularly issues surrounding surgical patients and their unique needs. He uses the ANA Code of Ethics, AORN standards and practice, and VHA Directives to guide his professional practice. He is a role model for patient advocacy and shares his perioperative knowledge and expertise beyond the medical center by being a resource and educating various professional/ medical vendors on surgical patient care and other health care issues. Specific exemplary sample of his contributions: • Surgeons often seek Mr Salo’s opinion over relevant surgical concerns, supplies alternatives, and equipment availabilities. When the surgical service faces dilemma on the change of manufacturer’ recommendation over the use of dopplers, Mr Salo’s familiarity with the equipment inventory of the medical center has provided the most plausible solutions of all. Mr Salo presented to leadership team the availability of an existing old Doppler that has been purchased for another surgeon. Mr Salo reached out to the company, identify conversion of the
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