Case Analysis : Nevada 's Case

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In the survey Papantonio asks how many cases the average trial attorney will see 3 to 5 cases a year which is a low number now a days (Papantonio, 1996). Nevada deals with multiple cases simultaneously. The cases are not charged hourly instead they typically go by a flat rate to meet and ethical standard guideline. The hourly rate of the high profile trial lawyer to limit their case load. The decrease in return per client forces Nevada to see more clients as possible. He could have anywhere from 7 to 10 bankruptcies lined up on the docket. The typical chapter 7 will be resolved in 6 months and after a year the chapter 13 will be set. The typical case also only requires one 341 hearing per case. The lack of hearings allows Nevada to see…show more content…
The final criteria that will be explored in the differences section is the fact that some lawyers don’t specialize. “In the survey 80.9% said, ‘Since the time I graduated from law school, I have enrolled in no legal education course in a local college’,” (Papantonio, p.140, 1996). Nevada said that after his first marriage was divorced, he enrolled in a university and got his LLM in tax and elder law. Papantonio accounted that “Specialization narrows our practices and even our lives outside our practices to some degree” (Papantonio, p.141, 1996). Nevada took his Knowledge and worked toward specializing in the fields of tax and estate planning. His specialization allowed him to develop a strong will and financial power of attorney, which in turn helped him to stand above the pack among his competition. Papantonio goes on to state the risks of a lawyer specializing accounting that he limited field of view will impact their attitude to life (Papantonio, 1996). His example of the criminal trial attorney who could potentially create a negative outlook to generalize the world into a large “cops-and-robbers crime circus” is probably accurate. The example doesn’t account for someone who specializes in two fields in opposite sides of the spectrum. With that in mind, Nevada can see the positive outlook of the estate planning while, he sees the negative outlook of tax and bankruptcy. The combination creates a

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