Apex Corportation Essay

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Appex Corportation – Class discussion questions 1. What were the challenges that Shikhar Ghosh faced when he joined Appex? Do you agree with Ghosh’s assessment upon joining Appex that what the firm needed was ‘control and structure’? He found that there was no structure within the organization, that everyone would do what was convenient for them, and not for the company. Ghosh was right the company did need control and structure. Organic = grows and adapt. (company) 2. Why did the circular structure fail to achieve its desired outcome? What does this tell us about the role that structure plays in an organization? First, the employees couldn’t relate to the structure, they were completely unfamiliar to it. They didn’t know whom…show more content…
Further more the divisions wanted control over all of their resources and did not want to share them. A Second problem was that there was a little communication flow between the division and little cross-pollination of ideas 6. How would you address some of the problems with the divisional structure? What implications do you think the acquisition by EDS might have for the structure of Appex? For the communication problem within the three divisions, I as a manager would of preasured all of the 3 senior executive of each division to work closely together, and I would have had monitor that. And no need to buy 3 time the same object, it can be used by the 3 divisions by scheduling it. Well the acquisition by EDS is going to have some impact of the Appex structure by creating a new EDS divisions, that would aslo collaborate with the 3 other divisions. 7. What do you think of Shikhar’s views of organizational structure? Would you have done the same things as he has done over the last 30 months at Appex? Yes I would have had, to find the best structure you do have to try many to see which one fits better the organization. It a process that needs time, and collaboration of the employees, which Shikhar had, and finally it will be customized to the company because everyone is different and everyone one brings
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