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The Colopast Company was founded in 1954, when Nurse Elise Sorensen’s sister had an ostomy operation. That’s why the idea come up in mind to create ostomy bag and with this bag they could change people’s live who had this operation and give them a little light to live full live again. Elise started to collaborate with Danish manufacturers and after three years, in 1957, Coloplast was born. Coloplast is a Danish company, they have headquarter in Humlebæk and they are representing itself on the most important markets. The company has 8000 employees all around the world, in more than 50 countries with a production in Denmark, USA, China, Hungary and France. Their main products are ostomy bags, catheters and wound dressings. They have three specialized categories such as Ostomy care, Urology & Continence and Wound & Skin. They are available at hospitals, retail shops and wholesalers, and also they deliver their products to their costumers as well it is called homecare. As the BRIC countries has a high growth in every market Coloplast wants to enter to one of these countries, China and India. They would like to take the wound and skincare products to these markets. In my assignment I will explain deeply their situation.

Current strategic situation of Coloplast
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The company aim is to ensure the consumers life that they can live a normal and full life even if they have medical-issues. This two facts lead to a big success in the Intimate Healthcare. They always care about their consumers deeply. Thus they always find the way to be contact with their loyal consumer, answer their questions and fulfill the requirements regarding to their products that are waiting for development. When they developing their products Coloplast always make sure that they have the newest and best products in the

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