Case Analysis Of Euro Disney

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1. How do you characterize brand Disney in terms of its identity, culture, strengths and weaknesses?
• Disney provided quality entertainment, fun and a fantasy world immersed in imaginary world of magic where people went and enjoyed.
• They had Disney cartoon characters in the park for entertainment.
• The cartoon character portrayed American culture and spread it in non-American nation where ever their park was situated.
• The culture of the French was not properly considered by Disney as they were absorbed in the American culture.
• The French preferred taking long time in dining and the restaurants even if they offered American food was all take always, which the Americans preferred. There weren’t any place to comfortably sit and
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The following are the reasons:
• Euro Disney was set up not as a franchise, Walt Disney opted for direct investment in this case to reap most of the profits, by reducing third party, unlike their other properties.
• Euro Disney was able to set up by giving showcasing ‘false competition’ to the government that after setting up it will create job opportunities for 30,000 people.
• The advertising and marketing strategies for the Euro Disney was same as that for the American marketing as ‘quality entertainment’ which mainly focused on fun and adventure. But the European did not want to spend large amount of money just for fun and entertainment. They wanted the park to be focusing some educational aspects as well.
• American culture was imposed to the employees and the park infrastructure, like for employees were following dress codes, not allowed to drink wine during lunch etc. and for the infrastructure part the rides were named in English, the hotels served American dishes, no wine was allowed inside, the hotels were take always which made the Europeans uncomfortable as they preferred spending long hours for having
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