Case Analysis Of Garanti Bank And GE Company

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Today's organizations position themselves to innovate and change, not only to prosper but merely to survive in a world of increased competition. Because globalization felt deeply and sincerely in all around the world, there are huge environmental forces for companies and they should keep up with this changes via struggling forces. Considering Garanti & GE Case Reports, they can compare and contrast in terms of the way they struggle with environmental forces and its processes in these ways; the change processes of their strategies, environmental and global factors influencing them, relationships with others ( firms, stakeholders, suppliers, media etc. ) and also their effectiveness. First of all, considering strategic type of changes, they are done because companies want strategic advantage over others. Both of Garanti Bank and GE Company made prominent changes on their strategies and methods and…show more content…
Effectiveness is the degree to which an organization achieves its goals. Considering variables in both companies; resource inputs, internal activities and outputs, Garanti is more effective. Because Garanti build totally different culture and strategy, it is more effective to me. It changed its structure, culture. It created its own technology without anything. It overcome bloody processes and it became the best bank in Turkey. It growth remarkably. It was a national bank and became international. It is true that almost similar processes is taken by GE, however Garanti is better to me in terms of effectiveness. Therefore it is more effective to me. Considering both cases, it affected me especially in terms of adaptation. In fact, because in both cases I have witnessed the "fear of loss" as a barrier, I decide to train myself more. Because no one would be educated fully, there will be always something to learn. I afraid as employees in both cases. I will always follow news and adopt

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