Case Analysis Of Medisys Corp.

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Case analysis: MediSys Corp.: The IntensCare Product Development Team
Situation Analysis
MediSys Crop. is a privately held US-based medical device manufacture who started a new project, named IntensCare, in 2006. IntensCare aimed to collect data on patients in intensive care units and post it to a database to share. The launch time was scheduled in August 2009. Six months away from the launch date, the project team still faced many issues that seemed they would not launch the project on time. In August 2008, the new present, Art Beaumont, formalized a core team, which was organized by a new parallel system for the IntensCare project. It included six people from six different departments: Karen Baio-Regulatory Affairs; Jack Fogel-Senior Production Manager; Aaron Gerson-R&D; Valerie Merz-Marketing Manager; Dipesh Mukerjee-Software Design; and Bret O’Brien-Product Engineering. Fogel also assigned as a project leader.
In the current situation, the project team faced two direct delays. First, they were “running into some serious engineering problem trying to fit the data displays and battery units into the customer size specs marketing provided” (Donnellon & Margolis, 2009, p. 4). Second, the Indian software design firm which was the outsourcing firm of IntenseCare project would delay their delivery. Both problems seemed would trigger a big delay of the project. However, two well-known pubic competitors “had announced they were moving into MediSys’s key markets with products…
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