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Ethical Case Study: Analysis of The Scenario “Caught in The Middle” One of the most important aspects of working as a counselor is to adhere to the application of ACA Code of Ethics at the time of making decisions in regards to professional work. The ACA Code of Ethics serves as guidance for counselors when it is necessary to resolve conflicts with clients in a responsible way. However, sometimes counselors can be unaware of its importance or careless when dealing with difficult situations. Thus, in this paper I discuss an ethical dilemma that took place after a series of sessions with a soon to be divorced couple and their son. Additionally, I apply the seven steps in the Ethical Decision Making Model to examine and resolve the problem while protecting the clients. Summary of the Scenario I am working as a mental health counselor where my area of expertise is with children and adolescents. I received a call from a school counselor from elementary school explaining that a fourth-grade student named Nicholas is having new difficulties at school. After I took the referral, I contact Nicholas’ mother Juanita to schedule the initial session in my office, so we can discuss the problem. During the initial session, Juanita divulged that her husband named Russell had moved out of the house recently. Nicholas was upset with the whole situation and showed outburst of anger, including fighting at school and at home. Teachers also commented to his mother that his schoolwork was falling

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