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With its rise in success, Walmart was faced with tribulations by media and individuals who accused the company of underpaying employees, dealing unfairly with customers, exploited suppliers, and also contributed to the bankruptcy of small competitors (Morrillo, McNally, & Block, 2015, p. 385). As Walmart dealt with the growing criticism and one action in particularly involved Esther Silver-Parker (former Walmart Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs). As the senior vice president, she was in charge of transforming diversity from its current state of alienation to an everyday objective by eliminating the company’s negative reputation among women and African-Americans as well as advancing relationships with America’s diversity leaders…show more content…
Be that as it may, 16 years after Walmart entered the Chinese market, its low cost methodology has not been effective and its benefits did not coincide with the outlets that were operated (Liu, 2013, p. 88). With this failed tactics, Walmart needed to make a change in accordance with its everyday low prices ideal order to survive the aggressive retailing environment of China (Liu, 2013, p. 88). Walmart’s growth in the U.S was no match to the retail industry in China. Walmart opened its stores at a disturbing pace. However, surrendered to China’s antagonistic and unstable retailing environment, Walmart’s low value technique neglected to accomplish the outcomes it expected in term of the operational scale and its image impact. Because of its rapid growth, Walmart had some issues with its management system. Walmart was involved with notorious scandals such as financial scandals, quality scandals, and business fraudulence (Yangron, 2013, p. 91). Walmart spurned the standards maintained in creating a business for survival and better improvement. Additionally, Walmart was involved in financial scandal and business frauds which tarnished Walmart’s image as the world’s biggest retailers, greatly affecting the brand loyalty and customer

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