Case Analysis : On Travelink Solutions

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Travelink Solutions
Case study

The case analysis performed on Travelink Solutions is to evaluate the problem being faced by Travelink and the decisions being made by the management which affect Travelink. The Organization Change Theory helped me to get to know the type of change is going in the organization. With the help of theories I can easily visualize the present scenario of the organization. Change agents are critical as they are the sources of energy and intellect that help organization’s members recognize the need for change, see what the future may look like build support, and mobilize the troops to move towards the vision, assess where and how to proceed next . The change phase is analyzed with context to certain theories which fit the best in different situations. In this case we came to know that while the change phase is going on we have to keep certain factors in our mind that are related to the strategies that need to be implemented during the changing phase. The expansion was there but after the expansion they did not focus on strategic planning and the implementation.
Management and Its Strategic Issues
Design, structure and system of the organization: In Traveling solutions some good practices were followed and human resources practices like performance appraisal system, training and development, recruitment, hiring, compensation system was in place. It includes any formal structure or system that management creates to produce the

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