Case Analysis On Whole Foods Market

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Case Analysis on Whole Foods Market Wanda I. Ramos Trident University BUS 599: Title of Course Professor’s Name July 16, 2015 Abstract Case analysis are detailed descriptions of real management situations. In the case analysis below on Whole Foods Market, the objective was to analyze the organization’s strategy in the market, as well as looking at their mission and values, and how they have applied them and grown. By applying concepts to actual cases, we improve your ability to think analytically when identifying problems and creating solutions. Through their vision, mission statement, and values of high quality, Whole Foods Market has grown over their expectations to a multi-billion corporation, and is now ready to expand at the international level. Case Analysis on Whole Foods Market The current strategic position of Whole Foods Market is strong. Since, 2002 it has focused on opening its own large stores. Many of these are 50,000 square feet and above instead of acquiring small chain stores. Whole Foods Market has excellent human resources. Its employees are well trained, knowledgeable, and experience in the grocery industry. The pay and benefits are attractive and they receive excellent training. Whole Foods Market has developed a reputation for high quality standards and customers are guaranteed 100 percent satisfaction. Whole Foods Market also has a strong financial position. Its sales revenues have increased from $10.1 billion in 2011 to $14.1

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