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“OUR” Pharmacy Inc.
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“OUR” Pharmacy
I. Executive Summary
II. Company Summary
III. Products
IV. Market Analysis Summary
V. Strategy and Implementation Summary
VI. Web Plan Summary
VII. Management Summary
VIII. Financial Plan
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Executive Summary
OUR Pharmacy’s main goals are to provide excellent health care service and convenience to its patients as well as dispense low cost prescriptions. Apart from the roles of a traditional pharmacy, OUR will provide extended services such as medication therapy management (MTM), traveler’s immunization, smoking cessation, and chronic disease state management.
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In addition, we will initiate a working relationship with local physicians to create a collaborative practice agreement that will show the value of a pharmacist contributing to patient care and service. Overall, we want to create a friendly and reliable image that will attune to patient and health providers needs.
Dennis Togonon and Harmeet Deol will contribute to the success of OUR Pharmacy by using knowledge obtained from the MBA and Pharm D education. Both participants will share the load of practicing pharmacy and management of pharmacy, with two full time tech. We expect to reach profitability by the second year and will reevaluate to determine course of action during the third year to increase revenue.


1.1 Objectives

OUR Pharmacy’s objectives include:
Provide excellent customer service
Increase the number of customers by more than 20% per year
Establish a niche through extended services with MTM, immunization, smoking cessation, diabetes, and chronic disease management

1.2 Mission

Optimize health,
Understand customer needs,
Reinvent pharmacy service,
That will provide efficient customer service and convenience, and create a collaborative network with local health providers in providing excellent patient care and service.

1.3 Keys To Success (Reference Management Book)

The keys to success are:
Customer service
Anticipate patients’ and customers’
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