Case Analysis : Outback Steakhouse

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In providing an executive summary and analysis of the issues present in Outback Steakhouse, we need to also take into account what the company has done in terms of the leadership process (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling). Then after we see how they have handled this process, we will be able to accurately process my views on the issues that may be present or exist in the near future for the company. To get a proper look at each step of the management process, we will look at three examples of each of the four steps in the management process to better understand where the company’s leadership decisions are taking them in perspective to their goals. The main type of information I will be looking to critique are things that I suspect might be inconsistent in the company 's leadership and mission statement. These are things that might put their goals at risk as well as any bad business decisions and inefficiencies with procedure. Outback’s mission statement heavily emphasized upon fun, family, quality food, and community. That being said, we will first look at how we can see the steps of planning in the beginning stages of the company being formed as well as the present company. The first example of planning in Outback Steakhouse is easily seen when we look at the history of the types of restaurants in 19th century America. In the 19th century, there were originally two types of restaurants. Fine dining, which catered to the wealthy people in society. And the

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