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Overview Bill Thompson, a general manager at GenCorp is faced with a tolerance and diversity dilemma in relation to a possible formation of a religious network group affiliated with his company. In the newly acquired New Orleans, Louisiana, GenCorp plant workers are forming a Christian network group organized by plant manager, Russell Kramer. Two years ago, Russell Kramer spread insensitive, anti-gay literature two about how homosexuality lifestyle is an abomination. The gay employees at the time were angry and frustrated. For background, this religious network group is not the first network group for GenCrop. GenCorp’s creation of a self-organized social support, network groups for minority employees allowed several employees to…show more content…
Furthermore, Bill’s boss, Becky O’Connor, made a great point that other groups such as Muslims or Buddhists could feel left out or hurt by the group. Issue #2: Decide if GenCorp should change the policy where network groups could not engage in proselytizing or any activity that is disrespectful to other employees and how to enforce it. When Bill Thompson spoke with the head of HR, Mike Turall, Mike pointed out that a network group is to help minorities to feel less isolated in the workplace. Furthermore, company policy allows network groups to form wherever employees want them. On one hand, requiring network groups to not engage in proselytizing or disrespectful activity would be hard to track and measure. Employees will have differing opinions on what is disrespectful or even how the network group is influencing the company agenda and culture. On the other hand, having more detailed and specific criteria for what can be a company-sponsored network group will be beneficial to avoid future issues with these affinity network groups. Issue #3: Should religion be kept as a private matter, even in the South where it is in open, daily conversation? As GenCorp’s nondiscrimination clause states, the company does not discriminate against company staff on the basis of their race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, gender, age, marital status, ability, or veteran status. Therefore, forming a group based

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