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Case Analysis #1: Boldflash Group 3: Phillip Prince & Raven Summers Management 372-902 February 24, 2014 Cross-functional teams are vital in many businesses, because it increases productivity, enhances communication between departments, and leads to overall success in a company. Boldflash is a company that has fallen behind on this front, and is thus struggling to keep up with its competitors. Roger Cahill, the new vice president of the Mobile Division, is faced with the challenge of finding a way to restructure the departments in his division in order to increase productivity and improve the product development process. Cahill is a Scientist, not a Leader Due to the missed opportunity in the tablet market, Boldflash’s…show more content…
Cross-functional departments cannot successfully coexist without a strong leader, who must “convey and instill the importance of a cross-functional curriculum among the faculty, and in turn address the significant culture change required for such a curriculum” (Aurand, DeMoranville, and Gordon, 2001). Since Cahill considers himself as more of a scientist than a natural leader, he faces an uphill battle in regards to coordinating and managing the functional departments of the Mobile Division. Looking at the “Cross-Conflict” Departments The infrastructure of Boldflash’s Mobile Division is full of flaws. There’s no communication between departments, each team is stepping on the other teams’ toes, and there is no coordination in the product development process. Discussion Question 1 begs the question of how the conflicting performance metrics of each group contributes to the problem, as well as how the current process fosters coordination issues among the departments. Sales measures its performance strictly based on revenues, while Product Development is based on how many patents it’s holding as well as how many academic papers were published in journals. Additionally, Manufacturing’s performance was evaluated based on how many products it produces, and Marketing’s metric
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