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Case 11.1- Mazda and Syzygy
Case Overview
Mazda Motor Europe hired an observational company by the name of Syzygy to monitor the consumers that uses their website.
Situation Analysis
Mazda Motor Europe would like to know details about how consumers are using their website and if the website is user friendly.
1. What could Mazda learn from eye-tracking software that would be difficult to learn? from other observational methods?
The eye-tracking software provides Mazda with the ability to observe eye movement and track the amount of time spent looking at a particular area.
2. What are the shortcomings of this method? The shortcomings of using the eye tracking software method are:
• The equipment is expensive
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1. Identify the research design used by E-Lab. Visible observation was used by E-Lab to meet the needs of Texas Instruments.
2. Compare this research design with a survey research design. What advantages, if any, did this research design have over a survey? The major advantage of observation studies over surveys, which obtain self-reported data from respondents, is that the data are free from distortions, inaccuracies, or other response biases due to memory error, social desirability bias, and so on. The data are recorded when the actual behavior takes place.
Case 15.1- Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Case Overview U.S Department of Health Services creates surveys from time to time to evaluate the employee’s view of patient’s safety. The survey intends to give the employees of the hospital a voice regarding the care of patients.
1. Evaluate the questionnaire. Can you suggest any improvements? After reviewing the survey, I found it to be very lengthy and redundant. Some of the questions are asking the same thing but the wording is slightly different. Also, the survey is requiring the employees to recall information that occurred several months ago. My improvement suggestion would be to reduce the length of the survey and make sure that it is geared more towards the objective of the survey.
2. Will this survey meet its objectives? Explain. The objective of the survey
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