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Introduction IBM provides services, software, and systems to clients across throughout the world. During the transformation to a global corporate enterprise, IBM maintained its core values and principles. As a leader in the industries in which it serves, IBM entered its second century in business dedicated to its culture of fairness and corporate citizenship. IBM utilizes a consistent approach to technology and innovation, and has a positive impact on the communities in which it operates. IBM is passionate about social responsibility, interested in making a positive change in society, and is making a profound difference throughout the world on global issues such as AIDS, cancer, education, and hunger (Kanter, 2011). Why is…show more content…
To whom is it important? IBM is very interested in making large changes through social responsibility and corporate citizenship. One example is a shift from having one corporate headquarters to developing several in many nations. Changes like these are particularly vital to emerging economies and developing nations, as they develop opportunities to improve the lives of these citizens. Finally, government agencies have an interest in IBM, as they realize the influence of large corporations on policy and regulation (Kanter, 2011). IBM leverages itself throughout the supply chain, with both providers and customers through its social programs and initiatives. These efforts begin with a push to act socially responsible, and lead to business opportunities. IBM’s initiatives address the concerns of its clients and show that it can make a difference. IBM’s effective stand on corporate citizenship attracts media attention, public goodwill, top talent, partners, and influences public policy (Moss, 2009). How has this goal been developed and disseminated within the company? IBM’s goal to review innovative practices ensured the company was meeting the values set forth in the communities they conducted business. IBM conducted meetings, posted the company values, and subsequently trained their leaders and employees on those values. Through this shared vision, IBM paved the way to meeting these

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