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CASE NO.1 I. PAMPANGA CEMENT CORPORATION The government had been pushing the Pampanga cement corporation to switch their product into coal. II. SWOT ANALYSIS: Strength: * Can borrow money to bank (DBP/PNB) * Long term experience in business industry Weakness: * Rivalry in the executive position * Conflict with the employee * Financial problem Opportunities: * borrow money from banks * leader of labor union is compadre of atty. Alcantara Threats: * the labor union case threatened to strike over the issue of a 10% percent increase in wages * the government had been pushing cement companies to switch to coal * quarrel between the owner of the land III. ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION (A.C.A) *…show more content…
Case # 2 MALABON MARKETING, INC. i. STATEMENT OP THE PROBLEM UNDERTAKE PRODUCT LINE EXPANSION IN CANDLE MAKING BUSINESS ii. SWOT ANALYSIS * STRENGHT 1.) Malabon Marketing Inc. is a stable company for almost 15 years 2.) Stable financial statement 3.) Consistent volume of sales in candle 4.) Consistent income revenue in grocery product distribution line * Weakness 1.) The three president of the company cannot accept each other’s idea * Opportunities 1.) The manager of Equitable Bank is compadre of Artuto Tiongson 2.) The candle maker from Taiwan welling to assist in quality production process * Threats 1.) Oil crisis 2.) Seasonal product iii. ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION (A.C.A) A.C.A # 1 ARRIVING IN CANDLE MAKING BUSINESS ADVANTAGES: 1.) Financial assistance from Equitable Bank worth 2 Million pesos 2.) The candle maker from Taiwan welling to assist in quality production process Disadvantages: 1.) The company increase their liability 2.) Limited timed of assistance from candle maker in Taiwan Conclusion: There for I conclude that arriving in candle making can give a negative and positive out-put in the company. In positive out-put, we have an assurance regarding in financial assistance from equitable bank and introducing decorative candle product can give a
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