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Case Analysis
In evaluating Case 3: “The Home Video Game Industry: Atari Pong to the Nintendo Wii”, it soon became evident that choosing a single company would become crucial in unlocking the next level to this Case Analysis. Much research revealed that Nintendo’s array of experience and the changes and obstacles that Nintendo has overcome, made them a great choice for a Case Analysis. This analysis will cover a SWOT analysis: digging deep into the internal strengths and weaknesses, and also the external opportunities and threats Nintendo faces. The evaluation in comparison to the Porter’s 5 Forces Model will determine Nintendo’s ability to rise among its competitors. Finally, the combination of the previous two will aid in
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A shortcoming that the Wii has had is that it did not promote gaming for serious gamers. This was because the technology has not been as good. Most systems are using an online option for their gaming and Nintendo is not integrating itself into that aspect. The market seems to be saturated with the Wii. Most homes have one that want one, and a lot of them are not using it for what it is meant for, they are using it for things like a way to stream Netflix to their television. The other issue that has happened is the amount of counterfeit products that have been released. They have found major problems all over the world with counterfeit games, systems and controllers.
Nintendo has many opportunities available to them and it seems that they have started to take advantage of some of them. Because they had such success with the Wii, they have experience with motion technology and that can lead to expansion. With the amount of current owners of their systems, they could focus on making games that will interest more people. Some feel that the controller is awkward, so they could come up with more alternatives. They could improve upon their technology and possibly come out with a better, stronger Wii.
Their games offer major
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