Case Analysis : Patel Supermarket Store

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When I worked in Patel Supermarket for an around two years in India, the organization has its branches in urban areas of the nation and it is one the renowned basic need retail mark, the organization has fitting records division, advertising office and IT office, the organization offers a wide mixed bag of basic need related items both cooked and uncooked alongside a colossal mixed bag of day by day essentials items. What 's more, around then when I was working there around eighty laborers used to work over yonder in three movements. Also, in the wake of examining this subject when I backpedaled rationally in my working history then I understood that I have seen such occurrences in past which are identified with two speculations all through my employment in Patel Supermarket
Selected issues and related them to a precise theory

First issue
Really, Patel Supermarket store was financed by eleven financial specialists and a speculators ' percentage were additionally running their comparative stores in different urban communities of the nation. All things considered each speculator was enthusiastic to have a more noteworthy level of income on contributed capital while the store 's supervisor needed to verify that the business is continuing in smooth layer, he was not hazard taking individual, and I would clarify this issue in light Agency theory.

Second issue: while the second issues which I saw there was interest of laborers for expanding their pay, indeed…
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