Case Analysis : People Management

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Case Study B
People Management
1.0 Introduction
Currently the company is undergoing some serious challenges, including bankruptcy. This report will be outlining recommendations relating to the integration and modification of internal processes, supplier base and the management of staff during this difficult time. Subjects in which are to be discussed are the likes of employee morale at this crucial time, the thought of redundancy and if it is necessarily needed. Additionally, changing some roles throughout the company and the communication in which we use to discuss the ongoing steps not just within the company but also to supplier bases. As well as, communication, co-operation and contribution are also to be discussed and what type of motivation the employees will require due to the current situation and the immediate action that is to be taking. In the interest of the consumer, what will their expectations be and will the company prove to be a trustworthy company to purchase from?
1.1 Morale
In order to get employee morale uplifted there a several ways in which the company can do this, however the first major part is learning to understand what actually motivates the employees in the first place and working from there. Factors that have a big importance to motivate staff are factors such as recognition of ability and praising staff. This is a key part of motivation and increasing team morale. The staff have chosen to stick with the company during this very difficult…

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