Case Analysis : Pink Zebra

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Company Description Pink Zebra was founded by husband and wife, Tom and Kelly Gaines in 2011, and quickly gained recognition in homes across America. Pink Zebra is a direct sales company that features a unique twist on home fragrance and fragrance décor. While featuring a unique and affordable product, the company also focuses on charitable missions which is represented with their HEROS program: Helping, Encouraging, and Rewarding & Obtaining Education for Single moms. The HEROS charity donates 1 day of free childcare to single mothers for every $500 party the company hosts (Pink Zebra, 2016).
The product concept of Pink Zebra begins with their creative “Sprinkles”— a mixture of soy and traditional wax formed as small “beads”. Sprinkles are available in a variety of scents, which can be mixed with other Sprinkle scents to create your own customized fragrance recipe. Sprinkles are poured into simmer pots (melt warmers) or used with their “Glimmer Candle” kit; which includes wicks and glass candle holders to make your own custom candles—it’s so much fun! In addition to their creative fragrance line, Pink Zebra offers customizable melt warmers. The uniqueness of the product-line Pink Zebra offers intrigues the potential consumer, while the quality and affordability gets them to commit as not only new customers, but repeat customers as well. The strategy Pink Zebra has embraced with their uniqueness, affordability, and charitable cause has proven to not only be…
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