Case Analysis : Prisoner Reentry And Employment Essay

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Prisoner Reentry and Employment Shannon M. Parker Fayetteville State University Abstract Prisoner reentry is an issue that has been ongoing for years. Prisoners are excepted to become law abiding citizens after spending years away from society. Employment opportunities for ex-prisoners are scarce and few. Without employment, ex-prisoners can face many issues financially, and even with their parole officers. If ex-prisoners could find employment, then the rate of recidivism would greatly decrease. Not having a means of living causes a huge impact on ex-prisoners and how they live their lives. Employers do have their reasons for not wanting to hire people with criminal backgrounds. This may be because they do not want to put their business at risk or because they just do not want to have to worry about what someone with a criminal history may or may not do. Education is also an issue when it comes to employment and many prisoners do not have high school diplomas, let alone any college education. There need to be more programs set in place to help prisoners find employment when they are released to benefit not only themselves but the entire community. Prisoner reentry is one of the most important parts of our criminal justice system. We currently have hundreds of thousands of people currently incarcerated in the United States. Upon reentry, ex-prisoners need a place to live and work to provide for themselves. Without a job, how can anyone be expected
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