Case Analysis : Project Manager And Company

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1. Introduction and Case Summary The first case study is related with the estimating problem. Barbara was assigned role as project manager and company has a process that whenever they do receive RFP (Request for proposal) then it is reviewed by senior management and jointly worked by proposal department. Proposal department has estimating team that enable establishing project estimates on basis of inputs received from functional managers. Barbara has no role to play during bidding process for new projects and her knowledge is only used once contract is awarded to the company. Barbara believes in review the estimates that are submitted during the proposal process. The critical work package is to review estimate for one grade seven full time employee for twelve weeks of period. Barbara has some background info on this task and knew that one person would be required full time for fourteen weeks. Estimation team confirmed that they used the three point estimates where minimum timeframe was four weeks and most likely thirteen weeks therefore being pessimistic they put the sixteen week timeframe. Barbara knew that three point estimate was not correct since estimations were not based on complexity of project and only suits the need of small project. The estimation group was not considering the complexity factor during making three point estimates. The right way to do such calculation was to use the triangular distribution to get estimates around likelihood of occurrence. Since
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