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The main story of the case Precista Tool AG is about the conflict in a family business, which showed in the following areas: (1) Parent-child conflicts & family dynamics; (2) Management succession problems; (3) Business-family complications and (4) The plight of women managers. Mr. Huebel and his daughter Greta have different insights in several aspects in the management of the business after Greta was appointed as the manager of financial and administrator of the company in 1983. During this period of time, Mr. Heubel's strong sense of attachment, reluctance to give up control and power and unwillingness to delegate interfered with Greta's management method. Differences in values, vision and management styles causes
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The emphasis is on support and empowerment. The HR manager listens well and communicates personal warmth and openness. This leader empowers people through participation and attempts to gain the resources people need to do a job well. HR managers confront when appropriate but try to do so in a supportive climate

This approach is appropriate when employee is high or increasing or when employee morale is low or declining. In this approach resources should be relatively abundant; there should be relatively low conflict and low diversity.

In my opinion, one of the main conflicts existing in the company is caused by the lack of communication and the human resource management. In order for the development of the company, Mr. Heubel should promote participation, open process to produce commitment, maintain a balance between human needs and formal roles , develop relationships and keep people involved. He should also strengthen the communications and exchange information, needs, and feelings for involvement. Greta should also communicate with his father and brother effectively to solve the conflict and helped to create a free environment for cooperation and communication.

3. Political Framework is about how to cope with power and conflict, build coalitions, hone political skills, and deal with internal and external politics.

The political leader understands the political reality of organizations and can deal with it. He or she understands how
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