Case Analysis : Residency Requirements For Minor League Hockey

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Case Analysis 8.4: Residency Requirements for Minor League Hockey
The following is a case study analysis on Case 8:4 Residency Requirements for Minor League Hockey. This particular case involves four individuals all of which were related in some way to the Canadian Hockey Association (CHA). Three of these parties in this case are hockey organizations. Those organizations are, the Minor Oaks Hockey Association (MOHA), Metro Toronto Hockey League (MTHL), and Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF). The fourth party in this particular case was the parents of the kids that felt as though their privacy was invaded. This particular case revolves around an article that was posted in the Toronto Star on March 16th, 1995 with the headline “Private Eye Stalks kids in hockey league battle”. The article also had a subheading that said, “Parents were outraged at the eligibility tactic”. The problem arose when Oakville a city located west of Toronto (which is Canada’s largest city), and home of the largest minor hockey league, had to deal with the view that Toronto provided better competition as well as a greater chance for a player to be discovered because of the scouts that visit due to the exposure the league offers (Malloy, 2003, pp. 152).

Furthermore, because of this a situation that was quite unusual transpired. Oakville desired to keep players that attended their schools in their city so they would have to play in their local league, they took it upon themselves to hire a private…
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