Case Analysis: Rogers' Chocolate Essay

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BA462-Strategic Manament – Case 1

September 19, 2013

After taking in depth tour of Rogers’ Chocolate, one may find many strengths and weaknesses in terms of the company’s strategic managements. This case analysis is written to figure out the company’s weaknesses by decomposing company’s current circumstances and strengths by integrating components of strategic management.
Good strategic plan is derived from using an appropriate analysis. Although there are many useful analogical methods that can be used such as Michael Porter’s 5 forces model, the main method used here would be SWOT analysis. SWOT is a very effective tool in understanding and creating
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This inefficiency in processing will also affect the company’s inventory control by not being able to keep track of over or under stocked products. In addition to the problems in processing, Rogers’ limited location, mainly in Canada, restricts the new market such as United States or other international market for not setting up systematic marketing strategies in online and whole sales.

As mentioned earlier part, overcoming weakness makes the company stronger surviving in market. Although Rogers’ do not established strong channel at the virtual or wholesales, the growth in Asian or other countries in Europe will open bigger markets for them eventually. Since Rogers’ has 4 years left until 2010 international Olympics, they can set up strategies in marketing themselves throughout such programs. Increased interest in organic products in public, who would not mind paying more for the better, will be an opportunity for Rogers’ to appeal their premium chocolate to organic friendly consumers.

Publically well-known companies like Hershey and Godiva can penetrate premium chocolate market, which can affect Rogers’ market share. Geologically limited store locations make company difficult to broaden accessibility to the customers. Therefore, it is inevitable to improve the company’s marketing strategies to gain better accessibility.
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