Case Analysis : Roofing Shares

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For the past two years GWL Roofing shares have been underperforming which has prompted senior management to focus their attention on boosting sales and earnings in the near term. In addition GWL faces numerous operational issues that if left unresolved will be detrimental to the company.
The purpose of this report is to examine the existing situation of GWL along with current operational issues, followed by an analysis of possible alternatives that will help achieve the targets set out by senior management.
A recommendation will be provided as to which alternative will maximize earnings and align with GWL’s strategy. An implementation plan will outline how to effectively employ this option and address the current operational issues that GWL has encountered.
Situational Analysis
Implied Mission Statement
GWL roofing has a long term focus on the continued partnership with its clients of Eastern Canada and Northeastern United States. Through the innovation, research and development processes lead our ability to continue to offer the best roofing solutions for industrial, commercial, and investment properties. GWL has pride in their ability to provide excellent roofing and maintenance, to provide a roofing system for all commercial uses, and to maintain roofing over 20 year periods in addition to always looking for the best return on equity possible.
Implied Vision Statement
GWL provides premium innovative roofing solutions with a long term mindset in order to

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