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In this section, I have decided to relate an experience I had under the supervision of my ex-department manager at SBM Offshore. I have worked as Engineer almost seven years under her supervision. In this essay, her leadership practice and behaviour she took towards her team will be critically assessed through transactional and transformational leadership aspects. Background SBM Offshore is an engineering company based in Monaco, they have experience in engineering, procurement and construction of offshore facilities operated on behalf of major oil and gas clients. My Manager was in charge of the Control and Instrumentation Department. The team comprised of engineers and designers from young graduates to seniors allocated on projects…show more content…
Whenever she saw conflicts among her team members she preferred to step back and not enter into the conflict, even though she could solve it with her authority. These situations were source of tensions within team members and were not bringing further competency to each of the engineers. Rather, she would use it in crisis situation, when workload was increasing without control. Many times, this style in combination with her network influence was a success in solving crisis situation. In the last two years, I noticed she used more and more the democratic style. I think she realised that the authoritarian style was source of tension and it was removing connections between individuals within her team. The authoritarian style is not a sustainable leadership style for long relationship between manager and engineers in that context (Van Vugt et al. 2004). The democratic way would be an appropriate way to be driven when the company is doing well. Indeed, this is the time when people have to work even more efficiently, with a strong team spirit. Effective Leadership Case During project phases, on of her strength was that she was capable of delegating a lot and she could put pressure on her staff in order to have the correct information with the right timing. This strength underlines power and influence capabilities on her team members to ask them to work harder / longer during that period of time.

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