Case Analysis SmartLook

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Case Analysis
March 17, 2014
MAR-310 OL10-Principles of Sales
Mentor’s Name: Professor Bernstein

Introduction to Case Study The main purpose of this case study is to critically analyze what type of selling strategy the manufacturing company will use when faced with the buying strategy of SmartLook. SmartLook is a retail company looking to place an order with our manufacturing company but in order to do so all needs to go well at our meeting with their vice president of marketing, purchasing manager, and designer so they could place a trial order with our company. The issue that arises with them wanting to place a trial order with our manufacturing company is they would like the trial order which is smaller than orders we
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The last question I will ask is the need satisfaction question which would entail me saying something like if my company provided the order in two weeks would that assist you in selling the clothing faster.
Using consultative selling and having the customer see that I care about their issues with their current manufacture allows SmartLook to know I am interested in making their company better in a potential partnership with my company. Consultative selling allows the customer to see that I am trying to diagnosis their individual needs rather than trying to give them a one size fits all product.
Roles of Other Departments As a sales person, I have to sell our product to a potential buyer as well as follow up with their order and see how the buyer, in this case SmartLook feels about their product. This is just one part of the process, in order to get SmartLook’s product created I am going to have to work with other parts of my company. In this situation, the role of our other departments becomes crucial in building a long-term relationship with SmartLook. When dealing with SmartLook our production department will play a rather large role in creating the clothing SmartLook is ordering. Our production department is in charge of manufacturing the product requested by SmartLook as well as making sure their product is a quality product. We are taking
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