Case Analysis : Solution Focused Therapy

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Understanding that solution-focused therapists operate under the assumption that clients already have the necessary skills to solve their problems, it is our job as therapists to help them regain insight into their problems. Therefore, it is understandable why solution-focused therapy is considered a brief therapeutic approach. If the clients already have the ability to solve their own issues then they just need to be reminded of their strengths and resources, shifting the focus. In the vignette, it is mentioned that the client Julie, a 34-year-old African American female, is calling about her son 12-year-old son Derik, who seems to be having an adjustment issue relating to her recent marriage to John. Although Julie indicated that she is calling on behalf of her son’s adjustment problem, she spends most of the time talking about her dissatisfaction at work and within her romantic life. When approaching this case through a solution-focused lens, I would stress to her that anyone who is concerned about the problem situation (Derik’s adjustment problem, although it is apparent there are other issues) should attend the sessions. In the initial intake phase, little information is taken, understanding that the client is the expert in what needs to change; as the therapist, my role is to help her access the strengths she already possesses. The assessment phase of therapy will begin by directly asking the client what would be different in her life when the problems are solved.…
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