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Case solutions Case 2: Intel: Strategic decisions in locating a new assembly and test plant. Dalian in China is the most attractive site for Intel to locate Assembly and Test plant in terms of its low-costed workforce and high labor productivity with skilled workers, reliable and qualified power infrastructure, as well as a relatively open environment and the increasingly mature law and regulation. |Criteria | | |Power infrastructure (reliability/quality) |Sufficient to meet economic development | |Water infrastructure (reliability/quality)…show more content…
Weak enforcement mechanism. Europe persist its ban on non-hormone beef even though the ban is justified by WTO is not consistent with the SPS agreement and should be cancelled within 15 months (Food Fight n.d.). The enforcement mechanism however offer loopholes where not every member would follow rules especially when it comes to the superpower. After all, WTO merely is a platform providing opportunity for member countries to settle disputes rather than a actual power entity. Business lobby. The final decision made by WTO is easily favorable to big business due to their influential power. In this case, it seems that US could take advantage of their state sovereignty. Time-consuming process. The whole settlement process could not only take a huge amount of time but also considerable economic losses. After the panel established in 2005, the final report was postpone to 2007 for the case’s complexity. Strengths Well-organized structure. There is clear defined stages and the fixed timetable to follow during the dispute settlement procedure. This dispute settlement system indeed become more effective than that of GATT 1947 (Food Fight n.d.), which is capable of dealing with complicated cases. Reliable dispute settlement system.
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