Case Analysis : Systems Acquisition

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The Case Analysis: Systems Acquisition
Courtney Givler
MHA 616 Health Care Management Information Systems
Instructor Deborah Bertsch
May 9, 2016

The Case Analysis: Systems Acquisition For several years, the healthcare industry has focused on information technology for advancements. Now many health care leaders are seeking more complex information management processes. Information technology has advanced health care from a paper-based industry to a virtual enterprise. Providers are struggling with the challenge of managing and optimizing the data available to them. In order to satisfy today’s health care, the industry must focus on a more demanding model of health care information management systems.
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3). The patient portal proved to the AHRQ that it can increase patient-centered care, improve patient participation, promote the use of web-based personal health records, and create a higher quality of appropriate preventative care.
Concerns and Alternatives The number of patients and preventative services continues to increase, physicians are struggling to find a balance between patient concerns and the time involved in addressing the prevention. To manage time and find a balance, delivery of care is requiring a complex information processing system which increases patient involvement. Before this study was completed, there was little information available on the impacts of integrated health information systems focused on the delivery of patient-centered, individualized preventative care in a primary care setting. There was a concern with integrating the Wellness Portal into primary care practice settings and the accessibility of the portal for patients. There was also a major concern with patients participating and utilizing the portal. Primary care practices committed to providing patient-centered care should invest in small, wireless, touch screen tablets for patients to use while they are waiting or after their appointments. Primary care physicians can also encourage and stress to their patients the significance of the portal and their patients’ health care.
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