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Case Analysis #1: Taco Bell MGT 3620-350 Brian Deese The 7-S Model, as shown on page 76 of our textbook, consists of seven variables that all begin with the letter “S”. The base or hard S’s include Structure, Strategy, and Systems while the soft S’s are comprised of Skills, Style, Staff, and Shared Values. In this paper, we will analyze how human resource management at Taco Bell implemented changes in each of the seven variables of the 7-S Model and how these changes impacted the net effect of Taco Bell’s overall performance. Structure- Defined as the skeleton of the organizational chart, HRM at Taco Bell implemented changes to its structure in the late 1980’s from RM’s and ARM’s (restaurant managers / assistant restaurant…show more content…
A higher order of skills was needed and required to help take the organization to the next level. Due to the revamped training program, which now focuses on a higher skill set, Taco Bell was able to successfully recruit higher skilled RGM’s as well as the Market Managers by offering a better compensation program which is based on performance based results. Style- Taco Bell effectively transitioned their own culture and management style into one that entails the way managers interact with the employees and the way they spend their time. The business had traditionally been influenced by the military style of management and culture where strict adherence to the upper management and procedures was expected from the lower-rank employees. However, there have been extensive efforts in the late 1980’s to change the culture to a more open, innovative and friendly environment with fewer hierarchies and a smaller chain of command. Staff-Taco Bell recruited managers as well as other employees with certain skill sets. In order to saturate Taco Bell with employees of these skill levels, a radical approach was used by recruiting talent outside the industry. This was the result of the need to bring in employees without fast food’s bad habits. The importance of human resources has the central position in the strategy of Taco Bell’s restructured organization. Taco Bell has put a huge emphasis on hiring

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