Case Analysis : The Carbondale Clinic

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The Carbondale Clinic
Case Overview Within the case, The Carbondale Clinic, it is apparent that a scheduling problem exists which has then resulted in patients being unsatisfied with the amount of time they must wait to be seen for his or her scheduled appointment with the physician. It is also evident that physicians prefer to have a full schedule without taking into consideration the possibility of emergencies that may arise throughout the day that will contribute to patients having to wait even longer. It is pertinent that the manager sits down with the staff to determine what is the most logical solution to help resolve the scheduling problem, taking into consideration what the physicians want along with ensuring patient satisfaction.
Case Analysis The first issue that is creating a problem is that there are no present guidelines established that indicates how certain appointments should be scheduled. The time it takes a physician to examine and treat a patient who suspects he or she has pink eye is evidently less than a patient who requires a pre-operative clearance for surgery. Therefore, these two appointments should not be scheduled with the same time allotment. Establishing guidelines that all employees who are scheduling appointments to follow will assist in reducing some of the time patients have to wait. Another way to alleviate the overcrowded schedule is by making patient appointments for every other time slot. If a patient calls in for an…

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