Case Analysis : The Jodi Arias ' Story And Her Whereabouts Changed Three Times

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I. Introduction
The Jodi Arias became a common name across media when she allegedly murdered her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in Mesa, Arizona. Jodi Arias lived in California and became interested in practicing photography, this is important because later evidence that would be essential when photos of the murder were discovered. Arias and Alexander had been dating for nearly two years before going their separate ways just weeks before Alexander’s murder. Over the course of the interrogation and investigation Arias’ story and her whereabouts changed three times. Sykes and Matza’s drift/neutralization techniques will be used to analyze her final alibi presented to authorities. Her motives or why she murdered her ex-boyfriend can be analyzed through Agnew’s general strain theory, evaluating the removal of positive stimuli and the introduction to negative stimuli.

II. Background Details about the case Arias and Alexander met at a conference in Las Vegas in 2006. After meeting they entered into a relationship and Arias’ obsessive tendencies started to show. Alexander was a Mormon and in order to become his ideal wife Arias converted and became a member of the Mormon Church. Later Arias moved to Arizona to be closer to him. As Arias’ jealousy and obsessiveness over Alexander began to grow, their relationship of nearly two years fell apart. Arias proved how obsessive and jealous she was when she went as far as to check his email and spying through the doggie door of

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