Case Analysis : The Media Corporation

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Case Study Assignment Instructions
The WNZ Media Corporation case is intended to make use of most of the materials and concepts that we have covered in MISM 2301. In particular, case serves as the context for the student’s application of the MIS Integrative Framework to assist in the determination of WNZ’s information requirements that will in turn drive the design of its business processes and the selection of appropriate information systems, personnel and organizational structures. In preparing your case analysis, you should look at the class schedule and the list of “Specific Topics” to get the larger view of the scope of perspective that might be included in your assessment of WNZ Media. Then use the class slides and your notes to answer the questions cited below. Throughout this assignment, you need to ask yourself: “What are WNZ Media’s information needs in the context of its corporate operations, its management and control processes, and its long-term planning, corporate learning and innovation requirements.
As the simple drawing below suggests, the business choices made by WNZ dictate the types of information required to operate its production and service delivery processes, to manage the firm profitably and to ensure the quality of process outcomes, and to learn and innovate so as to keep WNZ competitive in its market place.
Note that your responses to Question 1 will influence your work on subsequent questions. Continue to refer to these responses to ensure…

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